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Reviews, Occasional Essays, Public Writing

“A Tale of Two Plagiarists” (The Chronicle Review, October 2019)

“Philip Roth and the Fantasies of Authorship” (Post45, April 2019)

Review essay on Matthew Wilkens’s Revolution: The Event in Postwar Fiction (Amerikastudien)

“The University Is Not A Technology” (with Sam Fallon) (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

“Allegory and Dislocation”: On Twin Peaks: The Return (Post45)

“Genre Mistuned”: On Twin Peaks: The Return (Post45)

Review essay on Rita Felski’s The Limits of Critique and Lee Konstantinou’s Cool Characters (Amerikastudien) (PDF) 

“Masochism’s Gem-Like Flames” (review of Claire Jarvis’s Exquisite Masochism, LARB)

“Matthew Barney’s ‘Excrementitious’ Transcendentalism: On River of Fundament” (LARB)

“Fascism in us all” (review of Andew Pepper’s Unwilling Executioner, TLS)

“The Elenic Question” (with Merve Emre, LARB)

“Camp Von Trier: On Nymphomaniac vol. 1″ (LARB)

“Minority Rapport” (Review of Michael Szalay’s Hip Figures, Democracy: A Journal of Ideas)