Len Gutkin

     Phone: (443) 465-4880 * Email: lengutkin@gmail.com


Senior Editor, The Chronicle Review

Member, Harvard Society of Fellows (Junior Fellow 2015-2018)


Ph.D. English. Yale University (2014)

B.A., English. Bard College (2007)


Dandyism: Forming Fiction from Modernism to the Present (2020, University of Virginia).

Unseriousness Seriously Pursued: Irony and Camp Affect from Henry James to Lars von Trier (in progress).


“‘Vast Impropriety’: Tragedy, Camp Negation, and the double entendre in Henry James,” Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture 51.2 (Summer 2018): 105-131.

“Muriel Spark’s Camp Metafiction,” Contemporary Literature 58.1 (Spring 2017): 53-81.

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“The Aestheticist Anti-Novel,” in British Avant-Garde Fiction of the 1960s (Edinburgh University Press, January 2019): 72-89.

“‘If not by reality’s yardstick’: Narrative Unreliability, Retrospection, and Myth in Mary Caponegro,” in La squisita interruzione: saggi, note e appunti sulla prosa lirica di Mary Caponegro (I Quaderni di Zeta, Udine, 2017): 81-90.


“Exodus: Vaera,” Jewish Currents (April 30, 2020)

Review of Philip Mann, The Dandy at Dusk: Taste and Melancholy in the Twentieth Century.  Modernism/modernity 26.3 (Autumn 2019): 678-680.

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Review of Henry Mead, T.E. Hulme and the Politics of Early Modernism.Times Literary Supplement (January 22, 2016).

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Review essay on Djuna Barnes, Ryder (Dalkey, 2010). MAKE10 (Fall/Winter 2010-11).


“Camp’s Abstractions: Dandyism, Ivy Compton-Burnett, and Modernism’s End”: Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, April 2021.

 “Unseriousness Seriously Pursued: On Camp Tonalities”: Genre Talks featured Spring lecture, University of Oklahoma, April 2019.

“Djuna Barnes’s Decadent Science-Fictional Resonance”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Georgetown University, March 2019.

“The Psychopathic Dandy: From Oscar Wilde to Bret Easton Ellis”: North American Victorian Studies Annual Convention, Phoenix, November 2016.

“Lars von Trier and Aesthetic Judgment”: Harvard Society of Fellows Annual Conference, Salon de Provence, June 2016.

“Lars von Trier’s Camp Sadism”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Seattle, March 2015.

American Psycho and Hyper-realism”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, New York University, March 2014.

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“Wildean Wisecracking: Making the Epigram (More) Macho”: Yale British Studies Colloquium, November 2011.

“Reserved Heroics: From Victorian Reserve to the Hemingway Code”: Modernist Studies Association Annual Convention, SUNY Buffalo, October 2011.

“Hemingway and Aesthetic Connoisseurship”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Simon Fraser University, April 2011.

“The Fiction Collective: From Historical Avant-Garde to University Press,” Yale 20/21st Colloquium, November 2010.


Harvard Society of Fellows (2015-2018).

Leylan Prize Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities, Yale University, 2012-2013

Heinrich Bluecher Prize, Bard College, 2007.


Article manuscript referee for Edinburgh University Press; Modernism/modernityContemporary Women’s Writing.

Panel Organizer, “Aestheticism’s Afterlives”: Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Chicago, January 2019.

Seminar Co-Organizer, “The New Reception Studies”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Universiteit Utrecht, July 2017.

Seminar Co-Organizer, “Genre As Aesthetic Judgment”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Harvard University, March 2016.

Chair, “The Modern(ist) Historical Novel”: Modernist Studies Association Annual Convention, Boston, November 2015.

Seminar Co-Organizer, “Eighties Excess”: American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, New York University, March 2014.

Respondent, Professor John Brenkman, “James the Minimalist,” 2010.

Respondent, Professor Mark McGurl, “Zombie Renaissance,” 2009.

Member, Modernist Studies Association.

Member, American Comparative Literature Association.

Member, Modern Language Association.



Instructor, English 112, “Critical Reading and Writing II.” Endicott College, Spring 2017.

Instructor, English 111, “Critical Reading and Writing I.” Endicott College, Fall 2016.

Instructor, English 313, “World Literature.” Endicott College, Fall 2016

Language & Thinking Program, Bard College, Summer 2014.

Instructor, English 127, “Readings in American Literature.” Yale University, Spring 2014.

Instructor, English 114, “Outsiders.” Yale University, Fall 2013.

Language & Thinking Program, Bard College, Summer 2012.

Instructor, English 130, “Epic.” Yale University, Spring 2012.

Teaching Assistant, “Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Histories” (Professor David Kastan). Yale   University, Fall 2011.

Teaching Assistant, “Victorian Novel” (Professor Ruth Yeazell). Yale University, Spring 2011.

Teaching Assistant, “Hemingway Faulkner Fitzgerald” (Professor Wai Chee Dimock). Yale University, Fall 2010.