MLA 2019 Aestheticist Afterlives

Thursday, January 3, 2019: 12:00 PM-1:15 PM: Organizer, Len Gutkin Aestheticist Afterlives examines the rich “afterlives” of Victorian aestheticism and decadence (in their British and Continental variations) across a range of twentieth-century texts (novels, magazines, and manga) and films from around the world. Building on foundational criticism by Perry Meisel, Rita Felski, and Frank Kermode, … More MLA 2019 Aestheticist Afterlives

On Critique and Irony

My review essay on Rita Felski’s Limits of Critique and Lee Konstantinou’s Cool Characters is up at Amerikastudien: “All criticism, even Felski’s proposed “affective hermeneutics,” must be “suspicious” in the sense that the critic must suspect that the way a work achieves its effects is opaque until elucidated. Or, to import Konstantinou’s keyword, criticism cannot be “post-ironic” because … More On Critique and Irony